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Vape mods are fantastic devices for ex-smokers and cloud chasers alike. However, they often come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, there are a few ways to nab yourself a great vape mod and a low price.

For those looking to save a few bucks, this blog post shares four tips to help you find a cheap vape mod without sacrificing quality.

1. Check the Sales Section

The best way to secure a low-cost vape mod is to look out for sales. Keep an eye out for sale advertisements in stores and online. Check the sales section and see if there are any current discounts. Are there any public holidays or events approaching? In that case, your favourite vape store will likely have a promotion.

2. Shop from Name-Brands

Buying your vape mod from a trusted brand is your best way to ensure quality. Although the upfront price may be higher than anticipated, ultimately, you get more for your money. 

Suppose that you have purchased a mod from an unknown brand. You may have saved $20, but you’ll likely have to replace it sooner. Investing in a high-quality vape, especially on sale, you can count on getting quality for your money’s worth. 

Brands like SMOK constantly release new products, with older models often receiving a price cut. Without breaking the bank, you can have all the benefits of a high-quality, name-brand vape.

3. Look for Vape Wholesalers

Large vape wholesalers are an ideal way to find lower prices. Although you won’t be purchasing mods in bulk, there are still benefits to shopping with wholesalers. HiVape, for example, is one of New Zealand’s largest vape wholesalers. We have nurtured relationships with leading vape manufacturers offering us great deals. We can then pass these awesome deals along to our customers. For example, you can find a great vape mod like the RIGEL Kit for just $89.99.

4. Choose a Pod Mod

Pod mods are the perfect medium. The standard pod mod design brings sub-ohm vaping to a smaller, compact pod-style device, leading to a lower price. Pod mods generally have a higher power output compared to regular pod devices. 

A popular pod mod vape is the SMOK IPX 80 Kit. This nifty little device brings together the best of both worlds. Enjoy the large clouds of sub-ohm vapour without the inconvenience of a heavy and bulky device. The best part of all, though? The IPX 80 Kit comes at just $65.00.

Find Your New Vape Mod at HiVape

If you’re brand new to vaping or want to try sub-ohm vaping for the first time, investing in an expensive vape mod is a big gamble. With these tips, you can find an affordable mod to get you started. 

HiVape is the best place to find a low-cost mod. We are a vape wholesaler, stocking vape devices at low prices and all the gear you’ll need to keep your device in top condition. Find cheap coils, tanks, and nicotine e-liquid in NZ; shop the full range in-store or online today!

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