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We have you covered if you’re looking for something refreshing to vape this summer! Fortunately, your local NZ vape shop has a range of nice fruity vape juice flavours that are perfect for the season.

Today, we share our favourite summer vape flavours to help you find something cool, fruity, and refreshing to get you through the heat! Discover delicious juices from your favourite brands, Typhoon, Coastal Clouds, Simply, and more!

Typhoon—Aloe Grape

Say aloe to Aloe Grape, a mouth-watering flavour from Typhoon. The signature grape flavour is an extremely popular e-liquid in NZ. Like aloe on a sunburn, the added aloe flavour brings a cooling touch to the experience. If you have previously tried grape flavours before, try it with a bit of aloe! Thanks to nicotine salts, you can expect a smooth flavour with every puff.

Coastal Clouds—Blueberry Limeade

Not your typical fruity combination but perfect for a hot summer’s day, Blueberry Limeade from Coastal Clouds has a uniquely delicious flavour profile. From sunny California, Coastal Clouds delivers a cooling, refreshing experience. The taste of fresh blueberry, combined with the sharp citrus from the limeade, delivers a unique cocktail of summer flavours. 


Yearning for some sweet simplicity? Try Simply’s Apple vape juice! This crisp and refreshing e-liquid delivers exactly what it promises—simply apple. Suppose you’re looking for a more stripped-back flavour that tastes like biting into a perfectly ripe, sweet, juicy apple. A perfect everyday juice for summer, this fruity flavour is worth snatching up. Don’t overlook the simple things! 


Watermelon is a summer staple, and VEIIK’s Watermelon is a vaper’s summer essential. The sweet, juicy flavour will help you escape the heat. Cool down by puffing on this full-flavoured refreshing vape juice, and enjoy the taste of your favourite melon! Watermelon is another vape flavour that never disappoints; it always hits the spot just right.

VAPURE—Mango Mango

Mango Mango from VAPURE is a flavourful masterpiece made here in New Zealand! It’s never a true summer without delicious mangoes, so why not incorporate the classic flavour into your vape juice? Enjoy a refreshing hit of smooth mango for a full, sweet flavour.

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