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Vaping is an incredible way to quit smoking and lead healthier lives; it’s much better for you than cigarette smoking, which is carcinogenic. That said, nicotine is present in vaping products and e-liquids, which can be addictive. Vapers and smokers alike should consider phasing out nicotine. However, this raises the question, do you have to give up vaping entirely? And do all e-liquids have nicotine?

Is it necessary to quit vaping to be nicotine-free?

Fortunately, the answer is no; you don’t have to give up your favourite pastime to be nicotine free. It is possible to stop taking nicotine without giving up vaping. If you currently take nicotine through freebase vape juice orsalt nic, you can switch to vape juice with lower levels of nicotine or ones that are completely nicotine-free. Read on to find answers to related questions about nicotine vape juice and explore how varied nicotine levels in e-liquid can help you give up the addictive chemical.

How is nicotine measured in e-liquid?

Regarding e-liquid and vape products, nicotine is measured in milligrams per millilitre. For example, every millilitre in a 30mg bottle of e-liquid contains 30 milligrams of nicotine. If the e-liquid is in a 30ml bottle, it will contain 900 milligrams of nicotine.

How does nicotine impact your vaping experience?

While many elements combine to create your vaping experience, what role does nicotine play? The nicotine strength helps determine the power and intensity of your vapour. For example, ex-smokers may want to start with a vape juice offering a higher nicotine level (such as a 40mg nic salt or a 12mg freebase liquid) to satisfy cigarette cravings and then reduce their nicotine intake over time.

How to reduce your nicotine intake

It’s much easier to reduce your intake over a longer period through smaller steps.

Find some flavours that you love

If you’re ready to quit smoking or want to reduce the nicotine intake from your vape, start by finding your absolute favourite flavours. It’ll be much easier to reduce your level over time when you’re vaping a mouth-watering e-liquid. Don’t worry about going for the lowest nicotine level; grab whatever level aligns with your smoking or vaping habits. 

Here is a general guideline based on the different types of nicotine found in vape juice. Of course, this will vary from person to person.

Cigarettes smoked dailyNicotine SaltsFreebase Nicotine
1 – 40 – 25mg0 – 6mg
5 – 1030 – 40mg9 – 18mg

If you want to reduce your nicotine intake but like the taste of higher mg e-liquid, consider simply decreasing the amount you vape. For example, you can: · Leave your vape at home while working, · Make it a rule not to vape after 5 pm · Save vaping for the weekend Simple things like this can help reduce your nicotine dependence.

When it’s time to replace your juice, reduce the nicotine

Once you’ve uncovered your flavours, you can consider reducing your intake. Don’t go from 60mg down to 35mg in one big leap; you’ll find it very difficult. Instead, choose the next level down from your current juice. Stick to that level until you’re ready to reduce your nicotine strength to the next level. You can continue to reduce your intake like this until you feel ready to quit altogether.

Give up for good, or give 0mg juice a try!

So, you’re on the lowest nicotine level; what now? Well, it’s up to you. Perhaps you’re ready to leave nicotine products and vaping behind and quit completely. If you’re ready to leave nicotine in the past but want to continue vaping, HiVape offers high-quality cheap vapes in NZ, and nicotine-free flavours are available too! 0mg e-juice exists and is perfect for those who enjoy their vaping experience but wish to give up the nicotine. Explore our full range online to find vaping products to suit your preferences today.

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