We may be a vape shop in NZ, but we always watch the industry overseas. Over the past few years, Australia has seen major changes around the sale and access of nicotine vaping products. From October 2021, Australians require a nicotine vape juice prescription to obtain and use nicotine legally. This move intends to restrict vaping to nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

Nicotine is a regulated substance, classified as a dangerous poison, which means it cannot be sold or used without certain conditions. In Australia, importing, possessing, or using nicotine for vaping without a prescription is illegal. This blog post explains how nicotine prescriptions work, the impact on Australian vapers, and whether we can expect similar regulations in NZ.

What is a nicotine prescription?

With a prescription, vapers in Australia can access regulated and approved nicotine products. These are products deemed safe for use by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). However, obtaining a prescription can be difficult for some individuals as not all doctors are willing to prescribe nicotine for vaping.

Overall, an Australian nicotine vape juice prescription allows for legal and safe access to nicotine products to reduce intake and eventually quit.

How do I obtain a nicotine prescription in Australia?

You must consult a doctor or qualified healthcare professional to obtain a nicotine prescription. The doctor will assess your medical history and determine whether nicotine replacement therapy is appropriate. If the doctor deems it appropriate, they will issue a three-month prescription, allowing you to obtain nicotine vaping products. Alternatively, online doctors can provide your prescription through select clinics.

Where do you take your vape prescription?

It may sound strange for Kiwis, but many Australians source their nicotine vape gear from a pharmacy. However, a prescription allows the holder to import nicotine vape juices into the country. Australians must upload their prescription to import products from their favourite online vape retailers.

How has this change impacted vaping in Australia?

The impact of this change has been significant. It has allowed Australian vapers to access nicotine products legally without resorting to dangerous black-market products or importing products illegally. Required prescriptions have increased the safety of Australian vaping products. All vapers can now access regulated products approved by the TGA. 

However, the requirement for a prescription has also made it more difficult for vapers to access nicotine products. Some vapers have reported difficulty finding doctors willing to prescribe nicotine for vaping. For some, the change has made it more difficult to continue using regulated nicotine vaping products. Overall, the impact of nicotine prescriptions on vaping in Australia has been a mixed bag. 

While it has increased the availability of safe nicotine products, it has also made it more difficult for some vapers to access them. Only time will tell whether New Zealand will see similar changes in vaping regulations. The previous decade has seen a dramatic push to create a smoke-free country, and the future of vaping is uncertain for Kiwis. But for now, you can count on HiVape for safe nicotine vape products.

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