If you’re looking for a no-fuss yet extremely satisfying vape device in NZ, RELX has you covered. Each RELX pod is pre-filled with mouth-watering E-liquid to deliver smooth and flavourful nicotine to the back of the throat. No need to use a RELX store locator; you can drop down to the HiVape store or shop our RELX range below!

Being a world-renowned brand, RELX has seamlessly blended advanced technology with minimalist design for years, delivering a consistent vaping experience to its customers. They come in sleek and modern design, featuring a distinctive ceramic atomising technology that delivers a smooth vape.

RELX vape pods are simple-to-use e-cigs, designed to facilitate an effortless transition for smokers embracing vaping. Featuring a straightforward pre-filled pod system and a user-friendly battery device, RELX stands out as one of the most convenient vaping solutions. These pods are available in an array of vape flavours and nicotine strengths, catering to diverse user preferences.

Apart from that, one of their bestsellers, RELX Infinity, is a sleek and stylish device designed to provide you with a premium vaping experience. It is equipped with advanced vaping technology, making it one of the most premium devices in the market. A standout feature of the RELX Infinity Device is its new “Super Smooth” technology that guarantees each puff to be exceptionally smooth and satisfying. Moreover, the device incorporates a long-lasting battery, capable of providing up to three days of usage on a single charge. Isn’t that amazing?

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