Vape kits are refillable e-cigarettes that include a battery and a tank that you can fill with e-liquid. At HiVape, we bring you the latest and best vape kits from leading brands in NZ.

Our starter kits offer a comprehensive introduction to the vaping world, featuring everything you need for a seamless transition and our advanced kits act as an upgrade to your current setup. So, whether you’re a novice or an experienced vaper, HiVape’s range of vapes caters to all levels of expertise.

Worried about which brand to choose? The Relx vape kits deliver sleek designs with advanced technology, ensuring a sophisticated vaping experience. Alt, known for its simplicity and reliability, offers a user-friendly entry into the world of vaping with a wide range of flavours. We’ve also got the latest Geekvape kits like the Geekvape B100 Kit, a great option for vapers looking for a powerful, long-lasting, and adaptable device.

Meanwhile, Smok, a prominent name in the industry, provides advanced features and customization for seasoned vapers. Smok Novo 4, one of the brand’s bestsellers, is ideal for those looking for better airflow and flavour control. So, select what resonates with your taste and style.

Elevate your vaping journey with us! Let it be a discreet and portable option or a high-performance device, our vape store has the best range of vape kits to suit the vape in you. Place your orders today and see it yourself!