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Enjoy high-quality vaping with some of the world’s best pre-filled pod vapes here in AU. We’ve got the newest Vozol vape models, like Gear 4000 and Gear 6000. They’re made for both regular and special pods. You can pick from 8 delicious vape flavours and four classic colours to match your vaping style. Plus, if you want a vape device that delivers a strong and long-lasting vaping experience, check out our Juicy Bar Pro models. They have a whopping 17ml e-liquid capacity, ensuring you can vape all day without running out.
Another vape brand we offer is the Typhoon vape kits. With a compact design, and a prefilled capacity of 1.9ml e-liquid, this vape kit offers more than just a great vaping experience. The vape provides around 500 puffs with its 500mAh battery with more than 10 flavours to choose from.
But that’s not all – at our vape shop, we understand that preferences vary. That’s why we proudly offer a range of pod mods too. Explore our diverse collection of vape pods, find what suits you best, and embrace your vaping journey with us.