Get ready to indulge in an extraordinary world of flavours and convenience with Vozol disposable vapes, available exclusively at our vape store in NZ.  The Vozol Disposable Vapes line features a diverse array of products, each designed to cater to different preferences and needs. But one thing we can bet on is, that no matter what model you choose, you’ll love their diversity in flavoured vapes!

At HiVape, we don’t just sell vapes; we offer an experience. With Vozol disposable vapes, we take you to the epitome of vaping excellence. Let us prove to you how:

There are only a few vape brands that deliver such a rich vapour experience without causing throat irritation. While certain Vozol flavours might lean towards an overly sweet profile (to benefit the sweet tooths, of course!), they still impress with a well-balanced aroma, often accompanied by a delightful touch of coolness. These devices serve as an excellent starter kit for beginners by offering an authentic MTL experience or a convenient backup for experienced vapers.

The brand sells different series of disposable vapes each with its own unique features. Vozol Gear series are known for their elegant design and ergonomic grip, ensuring comfort during extended vaping sessions. Equipped with advanced technology, these vapes deliver robust performance and intense flavour.

Vozol Star is another series that offers a seamless vaping experience for enthusiasts. They feature intelligent airflow control, allowing you to customise your inhales for a perfect draw every time. If you are after style, try out Vozol’s Neon vapes. They are transparent, vibrant and feature vivid LED lights that create an immersive visual experience with every inhale. These are perfect for vapers who appreciate both aesthetics and a rich, satisfying vaping experience.

But that’s not all! We’ve also got the Alien and Tigo series from Vozol which are pretty impressive. Try them all, and stick to what suits you best.