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About Us

silver vape on the table

HiVape was founded out of an urge to provide smokers looking to make the transition to vaping with an insightful and successful online and instore shopping experience.

We know that vaping can seem like an overwhelming world but we have made it our task from day one to help educate customers with knowledge that is easy to absorb and a well curated selection of products that we know you can trust.

At Hivape, we are proud to have not only best collection, but also the best curated vape product selection. From the most basic kits to the most advanced mods, from the simplistic single-flavour e-liquids to the most complex premium juice blends – and all in between!

n order to help you select your next device, we are committed to ensuring that you know how to use your vape devices and provide information.

Feel free to contact us by emailing [email protected] or visiting our retail store to find out how vaping function and also why vapes are gradually becoming another option that smokers have been waiting for in New Zealand and around the world.