Are you a flavour chaser looking for a stylish vape? You are at the right place! Experience the rich and robust flavours of Vozol with Vozol Switch 1600C, available here at HiVape.

About Vozol Switch 1600C

The Vozol Switch 1600C is one of the latest releases of the popular VOZOL pod kits. The device has a stylish body with 4 cool strap designs that enable you to wear it on your wrist and express your style wherever you go. It’s designed to deliver up to 1600 puffs per device.  The Vozol Switch 1600C also comes in 8 delicious vape flavours, a 4.5ml e-liquid capacity, with a 50mg/ml nicotine concentration. With a 500mAh battery capacity, you can enjoy your Vozol vape for the whole day.

What’s special about Vozol Switch 1600C?

This product is made with 65% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials showcasing Vozol’s dedication to sustainability and environmental awareness. The pre-filled pod is simple to use, enabling effortless adjustments, in flavour or nicotine levels without requiring the purchase of a device.

One of the most impressive features of the Switch 1600C is its exclusive S.I.L.C technology, which provides a consistent and exceptional taste experience that remains robust over time. This technology sets a new standard for long-lasting taste in the vaping industry. The brand also promotes responsible vaping with strict age controls and efforts to ensure you have a safe and positive experience, adhering to the vaping regulations of NZ.

The HiVape Guarantee

We are dedicated to offering you the highest quality Vozol pre-filled devices to showcase our commitment to excellence. We understand the importance of a premium vaping experience, which is why we select only the best products.

Our promise extends beyond just providing superior devices; it encompasses a comprehensive customer care experience designed to exceed your expectations. Trust us to enhance your vaping experience with the Vozol Switch 1600C. Feel free to contact our customer care experts for further queries.

Streamlined, Safe, and Simple Checkout

We have refined the checkout process to be straightforward and secure, streamlining your purchase of vape products. We employ 3D secure payment methods that protect against unauthorised use of your card online. You can confidently complete transactions, knowing they’re handled with the highest level of security for a stress-free shopping experience each time. 

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Ready for a New Vaping Adventure?

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