It is pretty common to break the vape glass on the tank of a vape mod devices, Hi vape shops near you or online store has made sure you have range of vape replacement glass that goes in your specific vape tank. You have to be extra careful while you chose your replacement glass as it can easily confuse you with the model you are looking for, For example, TFV9, TFV12, TFV10 replacement glass may look identically similar but it is different in sizes.

Enclosures for most modern vape tanks are made of borosilicate glass, which is similar to Pyrex glass. Although borosilicate glass is heat and physical shock resistant, it is still possible to destroy a tank if it is dropped on a hard surface. It’s a good idea to have a new glass inclosure for your tank on hand, especially if you just have one because if the glass breaks, you won’t be able to vape! We have replacement glass for all of the most popular vaping tanks from SMOK, Horizon, UWell, iJoy, and others here at HiVape.