Ready for an extended flavour hunt? Get your hands on Vozol’s Gear S 6000, available in 8 different flavours, with an impressive capacity of 6000 puffs here at HiVape, your one-stop vaping shop in New Zealand!

About Vozol Gear S 6000

The Vozol Gear S 6000 stands out amongst other vaping devices in the market, offering a blend of innovation, user convenience, and sustainability. It features prefilled pods that accommodate up to 6000 puffs in 8 different vape flavours to cater to a wide range of preferences. With a 12ml e-liquid capacity in each pod, you can enjoy longer vaping sessions without the hassle of frequent refills. The device is powered by a 500mAh battery, providing reliable performance and satisfying nicotine levels at 50mg/ml concentration.

The Vozol Expertise

The Vozol Gear S 6000 enhances your vaping experience through its environmentally friendly design. You can easily explore different flavours with the changeable pod system for a personalised vaping adventure. The pod is equipped with a VAMT mesh coil and advanced airflow configuration for a smooth vape delivery. It also features a Draw Activated Child Safety Lock that activates after three puffs within two seconds.

What sets the Gear S series apart is its eco-consciousness, with a rechargeable battery that powers up 30% faster than others and allows for simple pod replacement, reducing waste. Vozol’s S.I.L.C Technology ensures a consistently delightful taste, making every puff as enjoyable as the first, showcasing Vozol’s commitment to quality and user satisfaction. Additionally, Vozol upholds ethical practices by enforcing age restrictions and promoting responsible vaping habits.

Your Trust, Our Promise

At HiVape, we’re not just providing you with a product; we’re offering a vaping experience that stands out. With our Vozol Gear S 6000 devices, we ensure your vaping is safe, satisfying, and of the highest quality.

Our team at HiVape is always here to assist you, from exploring the features of the Gear S 6000 to making an informed purchase. We’re committed to providing outstanding customer service and ensuring you have all the information and support you need. Contact us to know more!

Effortless and Secure Transactions

We’ve streamlined our checkout process to ensure it’s not only quick and easy but also secure, enhancing your shopping journey with us. We provide a safer online payment experience by providing a 3D secure payment method for an added layer of security. Rest assured, every transaction is handled with the utmost care, guaranteeing a seamless and worry-free experience each time you shop for your favourite vape. 

Ready to Upgrade Your Vape Game?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Vozol Gear 6000 last?

The device lasts up to 6000 puffs.

How long does it take to charge a VOZOL 6000?

Charging a Vozol 6000 device to full takes about 45 minutes. It also comes with a feature that shows the battery level, so you can easily keep track of its charging status.

How many packs of cigarettes are in a 6000-puff vape?

A disposable vape offering 6,000 puffs can be equivalent to consuming up to two cartons of cigarettes.