Are you looking for a convenient vape with exceptional flavour and consistent satisfaction without the fuss? Look no further than Vozol prefilled pod vapes! 

About Vozol

Vozol was founded in 2018 to deliver unparalleled vaping delights that spread joy and reliability, anytime and anywhere. Vozol pre-filled pod vapes stand at the forefront of the vaping industry in New Zealand, committed to revolutionising the vaping experience with high-quality, user-friendly products like the Vozol Gear S 4000, Vozol Gear S 6000 and Vozol Switch 1600C.

The Commitment to Quality

With a network of suppliers, a dedicated research and development team and an efficient marketing department, Vozol Vapes have now turned out to be a global brand. The company adheres to rigorous standards, including ISO13485:2016 certification and many awards and endorsements from industry leaders. A dedicated team works diligently to develop vape flavours, with 30% of them exclusive to Vozol after various testing procedures.

Vozol offers its pre-filled vape products throughout New Zealand while ensuring they are only sold to individuals above 18 years old. Safety considerations like short circuit protection and leak resistance are paramount, with products undergoing thorough testing to meet stringent health standards.

The company also claims that its latest Switch series is made with 65% recycled materials, moving towards sustainable vaping.  With safe child locks and reusable batteries, Vozol pre-fills are indeed a responsible choice, adhering to the local vape regulations of NZ.  

Vozol Pre-filled Vape Series

At HiVape, we are proud to offer the Vozol Gear and Vozol Switch series, filled with premium e-liquids that provide maximum flavour and satisfaction. Vozol’s pre-filled vapes come with industry-leading e-liquid flavours and its innovative VAMT mesh coil to deliver a powerful and satisfying vaping experience.

All Vozol products highlight their “S.I.L.C Technology,” which stands for Smooth, Identical, Long-lasting and Clean attributes of its vapes. This technology refers to the smooth and consistent flavour delivery from the first puff to the last, continuously enduring a clean vapour production.

Our Promise to You

Choosing Vozol prefilled vapes from HiVape means embracing a premium vaping experience backed by our unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We aim to stock the best-curated vape products for you, promising you a vaping experience that delivers taste and satisfaction with the finest blends that Vozol is celebrated for.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Contact our customer care  to help you choose the perfect Vozol vape that suits your taste and style.

Fast, Simple, and Safe Checkout

We’ve made our checkout process simple, faster, and ultra-secure to improve your shopping experience with us. Your transactions are safe with us. We employ 3D secure payment methods that protect against unauthorised use of your card online.

You can shop with confidence, knowing every purchase is carefully processed, promising a hassle-free and smooth experience every time. Learn more about HiVape’s return and shipping policies here.

Upgrade Your Vaping Experience Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pre-filled vape?

Pre-filled pod systems are vaping pods that cannot be refilled and come with e-cartridges called pods. These pods have a heating coil and are already filled with your preferred e-liquid flavour.

Do Vozol vapes contain nicotine?

Vozol vapes heat e-liquid to create a vapour that individuals breathe in. Vozol provides e-liquid options in various nicotine strengths, accommodating those who prefer nicotine-free options as well as those seeking higher nicotine concentrations.

Is Vozol a good vape brand?

Yes. Vozol has grown into a world-known brand, offering good quality vape products thanks to their committed approach to covering design, research and development. Check what our users say about Vozol to gain a better insight.