Find Juicy Bar JB7000 replacement devices, a premium addition to your vaping collection now available at HiVape, New Zealand!

About JB 7000 Replacement Devices

JB 7000 replacement devices are engineered for both longevity and safety. With its 550mAh battery, you can vape for up to two days on a single charge. Designed with your convenience and security in mind, this device pairs seamlessly with Juicy Bar’s wide array of flavourful pre-filled pods, ensuring an exceptional journey with every puff you take.

Why Opt for the JB 7000 Replacement Device?

All the replacement devices come with a child safety mechanism for your peace of mind. A simple triple-press action locks or unlocks the device, safeguarding it from accidental use by minors. You can even customise your vape draws to suit your taste with the adjustable airflow control. Furthermore, the device’s draw-activated firing mechanism offers a button-free, seamless vaping experience, enhancing the simplicity and enjoyment of every session.

Our Promise to You

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality vaping products with our strict quality standards at HiVape. We ensure that all JB7000 replacement devices are of the best quality and adhere to the NZ regulatory standards. To learn more, reach out to our customer care.

Seamless, Secure Transactions with HiVape

Experience the ease and security of shopping with HiVape. Our checkout process is designed for your convenience, ensuring quick and easy transactions. With the integration of a 3D secure payment method, we guarantee a secure shopping environment, protecting your details online and providing peace of mind with every purchase.

Embark on a Flavourful Vaping Adventure

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