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The Typhoon Pods are the Made to use in Typhoon devices, The smooth and budget friendly pods comes in a pack of 2 pods. The 1.9ML pre-filled pods offer generous amount of vape puff which is about 450-550 puffs depending on the strength of puffs you take. Typhoon pods are made aligning with modern technology forbidding the precious juice from leaking.

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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.

The flavor of names:
Citrus Lover: Mint orange lemon grapefruit

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The Typhoon Pods are the Made to use in Typhoon devices, The smooth and budget friendly pods comes in a pack of 2 pods. The 1.9ML pre-filled pods offer generous amount of vape puff which is about 450-550 puffs depending on the strength of puffs you take. Typhoon pods are made aligning with modern technology forbidding the precious juice from leaking. The liquid substance inside Typhoon pods are combination of Nicotine Mixture, Flavouring and other ingredients that elevates the vaping experience.


American Tobacco: This American tobacco flavour will not let you miss the taste of tobacco, Typhoon American tobacco holds a perfectly blend American tobacco flavour with Aromatic finish. This Flavour is perfect for any one that wants to make a switch from smokes to vape but still want to carry on with a bit of tobacco flavour still hanging around. The Typhoon American Tobacco flavour might be the closest thing a vape could possible take you to smokes.In terms of Nicotine strength 5% Nicotine in Typhoon American Tobacco is just perfect on every hit with your each drags.


Smooth Tobacco: Typhoon smoothest tobacco is a newest Tobacco sensation on the list . Here’s what Typhoon has to offer on their Smooth Tobacco closed pod. The smooth tobacco flavour that tobacco enthusiasts expect is combined in this innovative mixing! Each pod contains a sophisticated, elegant, and surprisingly smooth tobacco flavour. Smooth tobacco comes in a variety of shapes and forms, but it is usually milder and smoother than other tobaccos, with less of a kick. Typhoon, on the other hand, has made sure to feed you with its pleasant tobacco flavour which contains 5% nicotine.


Menthol Tobacco: Were you a Menthol Smoke Smoker? Is it hard to find perfect replacement for it? The answer is NO, WE HAVE GOT YOU SORTED. The Perfectly Blended Tobacco with Menthol Flavour in our Menthol Tobacco flavour is what you need to fill your day with Nicotine dose. Mild and dark flavour of American tobacco with strong and yummy taste of Mighty menthol is way much balanced in between with Typhoon Menthol Tobacco.5% Nicotine and two of the classic vape flavours are absolutely amazing when mixed together. Menthol Tobacco will provide you twice the satisfaction with two amazing flavours inside.


Mint: The Typhoon Mint flavour is just flawless in taste, a little bit icy and delicious taste of mint will make you fall in love with it in few little drags. This refreshing E-liquid inside Typhoon pods will give you all the crisp and coolness of mint. The Typhoon mint flavour combats the stale taste for the freshest of mint. A dark green peppermint with a frosty chill and a calming aroma that sharpen the senses and makes your taste buds dance. And as both Tobacco and Menthol Tobacco, Mint also has 5% nicotine strength in it.


Mentos Mint: Typhoon new Mentos mint has pure sensational taste of mentos and soothing mountainous feel of menthol.Mentos Mint take on the famous menthol and mint candy Mentos. With an ice-cold and refreshing sensation created with every inhale, Typhoon Mentos mint is sure to become a hit among to the mentos lovers that prefers menthol flavours. Coming in only two flavours, Mentos mint is expertly made, just like every Typhoon line created by Typhoon You can either enjoy the classic menthol taste with the Minty Fresh flavour or indulge their senses with the second flavour, Fruity Fresh, a medley of ice-cold menthol fruits.


Blueberry Raspberry: Are you the berry lovers? Here is a tailor made berry pod that will leave behind mouthful of flavours for you until you puff in again. This amazing Typhoon product squeezed the combination of two of the berries the Blueberry and Raspberry and a little bit of mint squeezed together on a very pure measure.This 3% Nicotine in the Typhoon Blueberry Raspberry pods will assure you the smooth experience of vaping.


Peach¬†Ice: Peach Ice is ideal for those who enjoy the flavour of peach combined with the energising cooling sensation of menthol. Typhoon Peach ICE doesn’t settle for the bare minimum, and the added iciness adds zest from an otherwise standard taste. If you really like peaches and want to try something fresh, Typhoon Peach Ice is the way to go. If you like peaches and want to try something fresh, Puff Bar PLUS Peach Ice seems to be the way to get there.
The 3% Nicotine, the Nicotine salt peach and mint flavour and the power of the Typhoon kit just balances your ultimate vaping experience.


Watermelon: Sweet, juicy and totally refreshing! What more can you say about Typhoon’s watermelon pod, Ride the cool, refreshing wave with these sweet combo of watermelon that really hits the spot!Typhoon Watermelon pod is a wonderfully balanced, incredibly realistic ejiuce that will revitalise you every time you pick it up. Perfect for summer and always a great alternative to mild menthol for pure refreshment without the mint! This is a mild, fruity flavour which is bursting with the low sweet taste of the exotic fruit. This tropical taste is refreshing from the very first inhale and has been replicated well from the popular summer fruit which has a great throat hit.


Grape Ice: From the moment you inhale, this E liquid bursts with authentic juicy grape flavours and turns into a tantalising vaping experience with the familiar sensation of sparkling soda. For something truly mouth-watering, the satisfying taste of grapes is ideally matched with the refreshing blast of ice. Combining blushing mango and refreshing Ice and putting together with 3% nicotine in it still making your vaping experience smooth as.


Mango ice: This 3% Typhoon Mango Ice is a tropical mango blend with a definite Icy twist. This pod will make you thank the pods with puff of sweet mango plumps as you inhale it. The Typhoon Icy Mango combines a nicotine salts formulation with a delicious helping of mango nectar extracted from the finest mangoes selected at the peak of ripeness, bringing out the aromatic essences.


Pineapple Ice: Typhoon 3% Pineapple Ice has a sweet and tangy pineapple flavour that will delight your taste buds. This flavour is robust, flavourful, and always finishes clean, with a cool and refreshing mint exhale. Fruit and pineapple aficionados are being called out to give it a go to our Typhoon Pineapple Ice and let us know exactly how good it has served in your every vape appetite.
The taste of freshly harvested pineapple will reach your taste buds when you inhale Pineapple Ice, causing every single one of them to tingle like never before. The menthol base takes over when you exhale, soothing away the citrusy tanginess left over from the pineapple.


Strawberry Ice: This is one of those classic flavours that we all know and love and Typhoon have brought it to prominence again with its range of Typhoon vape pods. This Typhoon Strawberry ice features the distinctive yet tangy-sweet notes of strawberries and bursting wave of ice that will tantalise your tastebuds and is perfectly paired up with an ice finish to create a sweet yet frosty vape experience.Perfect for vaping on the go! Typhoon Strawberry ice will satisfy pretty much every taste palate, there’s truly something for everyone now with their Typhoon Strawberry Ice.


Grapefruit¬†Passionfruit: Are you passion-ate enough? Grapefruit passionfruit is the answer to it.This tangy sweet and juicy taste of passionfruit and smoothness of the grapefruit will make your day colourful. Grapefruit’s lemony, somewhat zesty flavour, combined with a dash of passion, creates a beautiful combination. It is just amazing that Typhoon has been able to get this two pure sensational flavours together to nurture as its new high in demand flavour.


Strawberry Cheesecake: Typhoon The Strawberry Cheesecake has become a dinner table favourite, and for good reason! Where could it possibly go wrong when sweet strawberries are combined with a creamy traditional cheesecake flavour? The strawberry cheesecake starts with a thick and creamy base that makes your mouth swim. Soon after, those juicy, fresh strawberries with a mild flavour emerge, complemented by a buttery graham cracker shell. Buttered pecans round out the flavour experience by providing a layer of complexity to the overall flavour profile.


Cocacola: Cooling and aromatic, this flavour is a good choice for sparkling moments.Get reacquainted with a familiar flavour, enjoy a breath of fresh mountain air. Similarly, Typhoon Coca cola will refresh your imagination about taste buds. Above all, with diverse taste choices and comfortable ergonomic design, experience the double enjoyment of touch and taste. Original Cola By Typhoon Coca Cola is a bold rich in taste cola flavour that is bursting with flavours throughout each vape! satisfy your thirst with this flavourful Cola.


Kiwi Grape: The new addition to Typhoon flavour chart is one of must try flavour from Typhoon, with the rare mixture of Kiwi grape this is one greatly balanced and cooked to perfection flavour. Sweet grapes enhanced with tangy kiwis that will be sure to get your taste buds going. with the smoothest grape and juicy kiwi that incorporates sweet and tart elements to give you that flavourful nicotine salt vape you so craved to find. Typhoon has made sure that the succulent purple grapes and zesty kiwi work overtime to create a mouthwatering flavour that will leave you uplifted with fair enough throat hit of 30mg nicotine salt offering luscious aromatic clouds.


Citrus Lover: Typhoon 3% Citrus Lover has Immerse yourself in a juicy blast of fresh mango with the squeeze of oranges and lemons. The intense tropical experience will brighten up your day with the feeling of morning sunshine. The flavor of it is Mint orange lemon grapefruit.

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American Tobacco 2pack, Blueberry Raspberry 2pack, Citrus Lover, Cola Ice, Grape Ice 2 Pack, Grapefruit Passionfruit, Kiwi Grape, Mango Ice 2 pack, Menthol, Menthol Tobacco 2 pack, Mentos Mint, Mint 2 Pack, Peach Ice, Pineapple Ice 2 Pack, Smooth Tobacco, Strawberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Ice, Watermelon

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